About our Company

    Western Hill Foods Ltd. Is leading food processing industry in the state of Maharashtra The plant is located at Thorandale manchar (Taluka:-Ambegaon Dist:-Pune.) which is 76 km away from pune on Pune Nasik Road.

    The Company is directed by teamwork oriented management which makes every part of the organization become highly committed to supply Healthy Nutritious quality foods products of highest standards. The Company has established a cold chain, value addition and preservation infrastructure for Fruits & Vegetables handling, processing, Distribution hubs and Export center.

    The company has added Refer Van.CA.MA. for fresh vegetables & fruits handling. The value addition center of the company is having facility of Grading, Sorting, Washing, pre cooling, cold storage and preliminary processing of fresh vegetables. Company has established Individual Quick Freezing facility of international standards.

    Fresh fruits and vegetables, Frozen & processed agro product has huge market demand worldwide. The requirement of frozen products is increasing rapidly. Nowadays people are becoming health conscious and have studied the importance of hygienic fruits & vegetables which are good for health The living style of people in changed and most of the population in cities expects everything instantly but in hygienic condition.

    Prices of fruits and vegetables are highly volatile Processing of fruits & vegetables is the the solution to increase its shell life which ultimately helps to stable the rates. There is a huge loss through wastage of agriculture product from farmer to customer.This wastage needs to be reduced. Training and education to farmers to grow organic &residue free fruits & vegetables is important.We at WHFl have identified the gap and issued faced by the farmers and the end Consumers. This led to inception of a unique initiative that would bridge the gap between seed and spoon


Our Values

    The professional and ambitious new generation is on the fast track, striving for the best time management. WHFL empowers them with convenient food solutions. WHFL has a range of frozen, R.T.E., and snacks items .Our team work round the clock to ensure that the customers enjoy the freshness of fruits & vegetables at homemade taste in a healthy manner. The Company uses high-tech machines like Individual Quick Freezer (IQF), Blast Freezer, for preserving the nutritional value of food products in a natural way without adding any chemical preservatives.

    WHFL is instrumental in providing Frozen Indian Ethnic vegetables which are expertly selected for its tenderness and flavor are process using latest freezing technique. These Frozen Products can hold their nutritional values for two years if stored at 18 C/o For below, in a way enhancing the life of Mother Nature‚Äôs nutritious gift and allowing mankind to enjoy the goodness of this gift the whole year round.